In this window you may Add, Edit, and Delete datasets. The section on the left under

Available DataSets lists the incidence/prevalence datasets that are currently in the setup. The

section on the right under the DataSet Incidence Rates identifies the rates in the selected


To add a dataset, click the Add button. This will bring up the Incidence DataSet Definition.

Give a name to the dataset that you are creating by typing a name in DataSet Name box.

NOTE: If you have multiple incidence/prevalence datasets that vary by, say, year and grid

definition, then use the name to provide a reference to the year and grid definition.

Click the Load From Database button. In the Grid Definition drop-down list choose the grid

definition that matches the grid definition used to develop the incidence/prevalence dataset. Then

click on the Browse button, to browse for the dataset file. (The format for the dataset is detailed

in the next sub-section.)



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