To start adding data, click the Add button. This will bring up the Monitor DataSet Definition

window. Give the dataset a name in the DataSet Name box, choose the appropriate pollutant

from the Pollutant drop-down menu, and then type the year of the data in the Year box.

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 74 October 2012

NOTE: The DataSet that you define can have one or more pollutants and multiple years of data.

If your data come from a single source, for simplicity it probably makes sense to combine these

data into a single DataSet.

Now choose one of the three tabs (Database, Columns; Database, Rows; or Text File) that

matches the format of your data. Monitor data may be formatted in three different ways: (1) in

two database files/tables, with monitor definition information in rows in one file/table and monitor

values in a single column in the other file/table (Database, Columns format), (2) in a database

file, with monitor definition information and monitor values in a single line (Database, Rows

format), and (3) in a text file, with monitor definition information and monitor values in a single line

(Text File format). There is no preferred approach, and instead use the approach with which you

are most comfortable. (We define these formats in detail below.)

Click on the Browse button next to the Monitor Data File box. This will bring up a window

from which you can browse the BenMAP Data directory to find the desired data file. The Files

of type drop-down menu allows you to choose from a variety of file types.

Click Open. This will choose the file, and bring you back to the Monitor DataSet Definition

window. If you are using the Database, Columns format, you will need to repeat this

procedure with the Monitor Definition File. To add monitors from the selected file(s), click

Load Monitor Data.




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