4.1.3 Monitor Data

The Monitor DataSets section of the Manage Setups window allows to you to add air

pollution monitoring data to your setup. Air pollution monitoring data may be used alone, or in

conjunction with air pollution modeling data, to estimate ambient pollution levels in each grid cell

defined by a Grid Definition. BenMAP uses a variety of procedures (such as Voronoi

Neighbor Averaging, discussed later) to interpolate the monitor data points across the area of


NOTE: Air pollution data in BenMAP is of two types - point source monitoring data, and Grid

Definition based modeling data. Both types of data must be associated with a particular

pollutant that you have defined. Only the point source monitoring data is stored in the setup

database. The modeling data are loaded into BenMAP as you need them for a particular


To start, click on the Edit button below the Monitor DataSets box. The Manage Monitor

DataSets window will appear. From this window you may Add monitoring data, view and Edit

existing datasets, as well as Delete them. The section on the left under Available DataSets lists

the monitor datasets that are currently in the setup. The section on the right under the DataSet

Contents identifies the number of monitors in each dataset by pollutant and by year.



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