Advanced Pollutant Options

The Advanced Pollutant Options button allows you to associate Seasons with a Pollutant.

These seasons differ somewhat from the Seasonal Metrics discussed above. They are used to


The portion of the year for which benefits are calculated for a Pollutant. For

example, in the United States ozone benefits are only calculated for the ozone

season, which is assumed to be May 1 through September 30.

The portion(s) of the year for which missing pollutant concentrations are filled in by

BenMAP. That is, in order to calculate benefits, BenMAP in certain cases needs to

generate complete sets of metric values by estimating concentrations for those days

which have missing observations. This can be important if certain seasons tend to

have more missing values than others.

The portion(s) of the year for which monitor data is scaled by modeling data when

creating Monitor Model Relative air quality grids (discussed in the Air Quality Grid

Creation chapter).



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