The Custom tab lets you define Metrics using customized functions. These functions can

include measures such as the sum of the number of hours of ozone exposure about 60 parts per

billion. The possibilities are quite diverse, as evidenced by the range of functions and variables

available for use in Table 4-3. However, the syntax for using these functions is somewhat

involved, so we have reserved discussion of this for the Function Editor appendix. Seasonal Metrics

Seasonal Metrics allow users to aggregate daily Metric values. This has a number of uses.

For example, if pollutant values vary greatly by season, you can calculate separate pollutant

measures for each season of interest. You might be interested in dry season versus wet season,

or differences between Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

To add seasonal metrics, click on the Edit button below the Seasonal Metrics box. The

Manage Seasonal Metrics window will appear.

To add a Seasonal Metric, click on the Add button below the Seasonal Metrics box. A

default name Seasonal Metric will appear in the box. Since the default name is not very

descriptive, it is best to change the name to something more informative such as the

QuarterlyMean. As with the Metric names, keep in mind that the Seasonal Metric names

that you use need to be consistent with the metric names that you include in your air pollution

monitoring and modeling data, as well as your health impact functions.




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