The Observation Type identifies whether a pollutant is measured hourly or daily. In the United

States, ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and others have hourly observations, while

particulate matter has daily observations. Use the Observation Type drop-down menu to

choose either the Hourly or Daily observation type.

Next you need to define a pollutant’s Metrics. A pollutant has to have one or more metrics,

which are daily values calculated directly from daily observations, or through various

mathematical manipulations of hourly observations.

To add a Metric, click on the Add button below the Metrics box. A default name Metric 0

will appear in the box. Since the default name is not very descriptive of a metric, it is best to

change the name. Typical names used for metrics given in Table 4-2. These are provided just as

an example, and you may use any names that you like. However, keep in mind that the names

that you use for your metrics need to be consistent with the metric names that you include in your

air pollution monitoring and modeling data, as well as your health impact functions. (We will

discuss this further below.) Additionally, metric names are used to display pollutant

concentrations in BenMAP’s mapping window. As such, they must be consistent with GIS

naming conventions, meaning they must begin with a letter, and may only contain letters, numbers,

and underscores.



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