In general, air pollution data in BenMAP is hierarchical – a pollutant can have multiple Metrics,

each of which has multiple Statistics (these are automatically calculated by BenMAP) and which

can have multiple Seasonal Metrics. Similarly, Seasonal Metrics have multiple Statistics.

Furthermore, air pollution data can be provided to BenMAP at any of these levels, in addition to

the daily/hourly observation level, as described in more detail in Section 4.3.

To start adding pollutant definitions to BenMAP, click on the Edit button below the Pollutants

box of the Manage Setups window. The Manage Pollutants window will appear. Here you

may click Add to add a new Pollutant, Delete to remove a previously defined pollutant, or Edit

to modify an existing pollutant.


Add a Pollutant

Air pollution data in BenMAP is of two types - point source monitoring data, and Grid

Definition based modeling data. For both types, the data must be associated with a particular

pollutant. Table 4-1 describes these variables used to define a pollutant in BenMAP.



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