4.1.2 Pollutants

The Pollutants section of a setup specifies the pollutants that BenMAP will analyze and defines

the air quality metrics to be used by BenMAP. You are not importing air pollution data, but

rather naming your pollutants and defining the measures or metrics BenMAP will use when

performing a benefit analysis for each pollutant. You may include any pollutant, though typically

air pollutants such as particulate matter, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide are used in a

BenMAP analysis.

A key concept for pollutants is the Metric. Air quality metrics are daily values calculated

directly from daily observations, or through various mathematical manipulations of hourly

observations. Typical ozone metrics include the highest hourly observations during the course of

each day, the average of all twenty four hourly observations, etc. In a benefit analysis, the air

quality change must be expressed in a metric that matches the metric used by the health impact

function; this concept is discussed further below.



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