To add a Shapefile Grid, click on the Add button in the Manage Grid Definitions window,

choose the Shapefile Grid tab, name the grid in the Grid ID, and browse for the correct

shapefile by clicking on the small open-file icon just to the right of the Load Shapefile box.

After locating the file in the Browse for a Shapefile window, click Open. This will choose the

file, and bring you back to the Grid Definition window. To view the shapefile, choose Preview.


When you are satisfied that the shapefile looks correct, click OK. This will bring you back to

Manage Grid Definitions window. Note that the Grid Type box displays the type of grid for

each of your grid definitions.

Click OK when you are finished loading grid definitions. The Manage Setups screen will now

list the Grid Definitions that you have just created. At any time, you may click the Edit button

Loading Data

BenMAP User's Manual 63 October 2012

to add, modify, or delete grid definitions.

Note that if you delete a Grid Definition you will delete any data that is dependent on it, such as

any Incidence, Prevalence, Population, and Variable DataSets that use this particular Grid

Definition. As we discuss below each of these other elements of a setup, we will describe how

this might happen.



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