Click on the Add button below the Available Grid Definitions box,. The Grid Definition

window will appear, with two tabs showing the two main types of grid definitions that you may

use in BenMAP: Shapefile Grid or Regular Grid. Regular Grid

Regular Grid Definitions are defined by a lower left corner (specified as decimal degree

latitude and longitude, with West and South having negative values and East and North having

positive values), a total number of columns and rows, a number of columns per degree longitude,

and a number of rows per degree latitude. Individual cells within the resultant grid are numbered

in sequential order (columns from left to right, rows from bottom to top) starting at (1, 1). These

field values will be used to link the Regular Grid Definition with other sources of data, as

discussed in more detail below.

To define a Regular Grid, start by typing the name of the grid definition in the Grid ID box, and

then defining the number of Columns and Rows in the grid. To locate this grid geographically,

provide the decimal degree coordinates for the lower left-hand corner of the grid in the

Minimum Longitude and Minimum Latitude boxes.




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