4.1.1 Grid Definitions

A BenMAP Grid Definition provides a method of breaking a geographic region into areas of

interest (Grid Cells) in conducting an analysis. This can be done in two ways: by loading a

Shapefile (a particular type of Geographic Information System file) or by specifying a regularly

shaped grid pattern. These are referred to as Shapefile Grid Definitions and Regular Grid

Definitions, respectively. Typically a Shapefile Grid Definition is used when the areas of

interest are political boundaries with irregularly shaped borders, while a Regular Grid

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BenMAP User's Manual 59 October 2012

Definition is used when the areas of interest are uniformly shaped rectangles.

Ideally, one Shapefile Grid Definition will be created using a shapefile containing an outline of

the area of interest (a city boundary, for example). Additional grid definitions will then be created

for each subdivision of that area for which (a) data is available (see the Air Monitoring,

Population, Incidence and Prevalence, and Variables sections below), or (b) reports or maps are


For example, to conduct analyses for the United States, one might use the following grid




n251 - n252 - n253 - n254 - n255 - n256 - n257 - n258 - n259 - n260 - n261 - n262 - n263 - n264 - n265 - n266 - n267 - n268 - n269 - n270 - n271 - n272 - n273 - n274 - n275 - n276 - n277 - n278 - n279 - n280 - n281 - n282 - n283 - n284 - n285 - n286 - n287 - n288 - n289 - n290 - n291 - n292 - n293 - n294 - n295 - n296 - n297 - n298 - n299 - n300


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