After naming a new setup, you can then define anew the elements that comprise a setup: Grid

Definitions, Pollutants, Monitor DataSets, Incidence and Prevalence DataSets,

Population DataSets, C-R Function DataSets, Variable DataSets, Inflation DataSets,

Valuation DataSets, Income Growth Adjustments, and QALY Distribution DataSets.

Some of the elements of a setup are fundamental and should be entered before the others,

namely Grid Definitions and Pollutants. The Incidence and Prevalence, Population, and

Variable DataSets depend on the Grid Definitions, and the Monitor and C-R Function

DataSets depend on the Pollutants that you have defined. As a result, it is best to start by

defining your Grid Definitions and Pollutants, and then defining the other elements of the setup.

Modify a Setup. To modify a setup, start by choosing the setup for modification from the dropdown

menu in Available Setups. Click on the Edit button under one of the eleven components

comprising a setup. The sections below describe each of these components.

Delete a Setup. To delete a setup, choose the setup for deletion from the drop-down menu in

Available Setups. Click the Delete button. You will then be asked to confirm your decision.



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