can export the maps you have generated and view them in a shapefile viewer, such as ArcView.

Note that BenMAP also has context specific mapping capabilities in various parts of the

application. See the GIS/Mapping chapter for details on BenMAP's mapping capabilities.

Modify Setup. View, edit, add, and delete data from BenMAP’s internal database. For details

see the Load Data chapter.

Neighbor File Creator. Create a text file (.txt) identifying "neighbor" monitors and associated

interpolation weights for each grid cell in an air quality grid.

One-Step Setup. Specify the CFG and APV Configuration files and currency year for the One-

Step Analysis.

BenMAP encapsulates in a single dataset all of the data needed to run analyses for a particular

geographic area, such as a city, region, or nation. This dataset is called a “Setup” and consists

of grid definitions, pollutants, monitor data, incidence and prevalence rates, population data,

health impact functions, variables, inflation rates, valuation functions, income growth data, and

QALY data. Grouping the data in this way has a number of advantages. It makes it easy to

organize and view the data, export the data (either a whole setup or a portion of a setup), and

import setups generated by others.

In this Chapter we discuss how to add, modify, and delete setups, as well as how to export and

import existing setups. There are a number of steps involved in loading the data, particularly in

the formatting of the data, so it is important to carefully review the steps in this Chapter. Also, it

is important to keep in mind that if you delete one part of a setup, you may be affecting other

parts of the setup. We discuss this further below.



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