Air Quality Grid Aggregation. Create a new air quality for a new grid definition (e.g., State)

from an existing air quality grid created with a different grid definition (e.g., County).

Model File Concatenator. Combine model files for use in the creation of air quality grids.

Database Export. Export all or part of BenMAP’s internal database to a file which can later be

used (on another computer, for example) with the Database Import tool. Manually loading data

into BenMAP can be time and labor intensive, so this tool can be quite useful in sharing data with

other users or computers.

Database Import. Import data exported using the Database Import tool.

Export Air Quality Grid. Generate a text file (.csv) with all of the data in air quality grid,

including summary statistics such as mean, median, minimum, and maximum.

GIS / Mapping. Generate a wide variety of maps, including maps of monitor data, air quality

grids, population data, incidence rates, and both incidence and valuation results. In addition, you



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