Step 5. Choose the desired pooling and aggregation options for the economic valuations, and hit

the Next button. If the Skip QALY Valuation box is checked, then BenMAP is ready to save

your APV Configuration and generate results.

Step 6. If desired, you can uncheck the Skip QALY Valuation box and proceed to choosing

your desired QALY functions. Why have Skip QALY Valuation box? It takes a bit of time for

the QALY functions to load, and since QALY functions are not always used, this box is intended

to speed up the time it takes to develop the APV Configuration.

BenMAP can store APV Configuration choices in a user-named file with an “.apv” extension, and

can store APV Configuration results in a user-named file with an “.apvr” extension. As needed,

you can access both files for later use.


3.2.4 Generate Reports

The Generate Reports button allows you to generate several types of reports.



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