Step 4. Choose the health impact functions that will be used in the estimation, and hit the Go!

button to start estimating the change in incidence.

BenMAP can store configuration choices in a user-named file with a .cfg extension, and can

store incidence change estimates in a user-named file with a .cfgr extension.


3.2.3 Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation

The Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation button allows you to specify an aggregation level for

previously calculated incidence estimates, pool these aggregated incidence estimates, place an

economic value on these pooled and aggregated incidence estimates, aggregate these economic

values, and finally pool these aggregated economic values. There are several steps in this


Step 1. Choose whether to create a new .apv configuration or use an existing .apv

configuration. (For this description we will choose to create a new .apv configuration.)



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