3.2.2 Create and Run Configuration

The Create and Run Configuration button allows you to calculate the change in the incidence

of adverse health effects associated with changes in air quality. There are several steps in the


Step 2. Specify whether BenMAP should make a “point estimate”, or a set of “Latin

Hypercube” points. The point estimate is the change in incidence, generated using the mean

value of the coefficient in the health impact function. The Latin Hypercube points are a series of

points generated by using evenly spaced percentiles in the distribution of the health impact

coefficient – these points represent the distribution of incidence values. (The Latin Hypercube

points can later be used when combining the results of different health impact functions, and in

presenting confidence intervals for the incidence estimates.)

Step 3. Specify the threshold, or a lowest value for air quality data. Any observations which fall

below this threshold will be replaced with the threshold value in all calculations.





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