3.2.1 Create Air Quality Grids

BenMAP is not an air quality model, nor can it generate air quality data independently. Instead it

relies on the air quality inputs given to it. To estimate population exposure to air pollution,

BenMAP combines population data with an Air Quality Grid, which it generates using some

combination of air quality modeling and/or monitoring data. The Create Air Quality Grids

button allows you to put your air quality data into the format that is used by BenMAP, the first

step in conducting an analysis within BenMAP.

Grid Definitions

Air quality grids contain air pollution exposure estimates for a particular Grid Definition, as

defined in the Setup Manager window. Grid Definitions are typically comprised of either

regularly shaped rectangles covering the region of analysis, or irregularly shaped polygons

corresponding to political boundaries.

Modeling and Monitoring Data

To generate air quality grids, you can use air quality modeling data and air quality monitoring data

in three different ways, as discussed below. However, once generated, all air quality grids have

the same structure, and have the same .aqg extension that BenMAP uses to designate these file




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