3.1 One-Step Analysis

The One-Step Analysis allows you to run a BenMAP analysis quickly. This option can be useful

when you are time constrained, when you don't have a strong preference regarding the benefit

analysis options, or if you are new to the program. This feature uses an EPA-developed benefit

analysis configuration to estimate the human health benefits of the air quality scenario that you

specify in the model.

The One-Step Analysis requires a minimal number of inputs. At minimum, you should:

Give your run a name. Very descriptive titles can help you remember more about your run

when you want to review your results in the future.

Choose an output directory. The output directory is the location on your computer in which

you will save your results. (The default is to put the output in the Configuration Results folder.)

Select air quality grids. BenMAP estimates the benefits of some change in air quality for a

particular area of the country. Here, you're telling BenMAP which air quality files to use to

calculate benefits. You can either import an air quality file that has already been created, or you

can generate your own. If you want to create your own air quality file, you will want hit the

"create" button and follow the instructions under the custom analysis page below. For

additional details on air quality grid creation, see the chapter on Air Quality Grid Creation.

Choose your aggregation level. Select the geographic level at which you want to summarize

your results.




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