Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA). A policy tool used to assess the likely effects of a

proposed regulation or regulatory change. It usually involves detailed analyses to quantify the

costs and benefits of the regulation.

Relative Risk. Relative risk typically is used as a measure of the change in risk of an adverse

health effect associated with an increase in air pollution levels. More specifically, it is the ratio of

the risk of illness with higher pollution to the risk of illness with a lower pollution level, where the

“risk” is defined as the probability that an individual will become ill.

Rollback. The process by which monitor data are reduced to a different level. BenMAP

facilitates three different types of monitor data rollback. Percentage rollback reduces all monitor

observations by the same percentage. Incremental rollback reduces all observations by the same

increment. Rollback to a standard reduces monitor observations so that they just meet a specified


Scaling. The process in which monitor data are used in conjunction with model data to improve

interpolation and/or forecast future air quality trends. BenMAP has 3 types of scaling – temporal

only, spatial only, temporal and spatial scaling.



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