Population Exposure versus Personal Exposure. Population (or ambient) exposure refers

to the average air pollution level measured in a grid cell. In contrast, personal exposure keeps

track over the course of a day the exposure individuals encounter in different microenvironments,

such as the freeway, outdoors and indoors. BenMAP only keeps track of

population exposure.

Post-processing. Additional data modification steps that are undertaken to prepare either raw

monitor data or raw model data for subsequent import into BenMAP. Postprocessing may be as

simple as reformatting the data, or it may involve more complex operations such as performing

additional numerical calculations to aggregate or disaggregate data temporally or spatially.

Prevalence Rate. The percentage of individuals in a given population who already have a given

adverse health condition. Used to calculate changes in health conditions among those who

already have a health condition, such as asthmatics.

Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs). The number of "healthy" life years gained or lost due

to changes in air quality. The QALY weights each life year gained according to the severity of

the health effect.




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