Monitor Data. Pollutant concentration data that are based upon measurements. “Raw” monitor

data usually refers to data that are taken directly from measurement networks, with no additional

processing of the data. Monitor data are different from “model data,” which are based upon

numerical predictions.

Monitoring. Actual measurements of air pollution levels. The U.S. Environmental Protection

Agency has monitoring data, as well as other information related to monitoring, available through

its Air Quality System (AQS):

Morbidity. A measure of being diseased or afflicted by an illness (non-fatal).

Mortality. A measure of the number of deaths in a given population.

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). The U.S. EPA establishes levels for

pollutants that are considered harmful to public health and the environment. The Clean Air Act

established two types of national air quality standards. Primary standards set limits to protect

public health, including the health of "sensitive" populations such as asthmatics, children, and the

elderly. Secondary standards set limits to protect public welfare, including protection against

decreased visibility and against damage to animals, crops, vegetation, and buildings. The U.S.

EPA has set NAAQS for six principal pollutants, which are called "criteria" pollutants. (Carbon

Monoxide, Lead, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10), and Sulfur




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