Custom analysis. This type of BenMAP analysis allows you to perform each part of an analysis

separately: air quality estimation; calculation of health impact functions; aggregation, pooling, and

valuation; and reporting.

Deltas. The difference between two pieces of data. As used in BenMAP, mapping the deltas

shows the reduction in air pollution from the baseline air quality grid to the control air quality grid.

Discount Rate. In this context, the discount rate is a quantitative method to account for the fact

that people generally value future benefits and costs less than current costs and benefits.

Typically, if a benefit occurs over multiple years, the benefit should be discounted.

Endpoint. An endpoint is a subset of an endpoint group, and represents a more specific class of

adverse health effects. For example, within the endpoint group Mortality, there might be the

endpoints Mortality, Long Term, All Cause and Mortality, Long Term, Cardiopulmonary.



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