2.1 Common Terms

Active Layer. In the GIS window, the active layer is the top-most data layer. All queries or

statistical analysis of the map will act upon this top-most layer.

Aggregation. The summing of grid cell level results to the county, state and national levels.

Aggregation, Pooling, and Valuation (APV) Configuration. APV Configurations store the

aggregation levels, pooling options, and valuation methods used in the analysis. In particular, you

may specify the aggregation level for incidence estimates, how to pool incidence estimates, the

valuation estimates to use, the aggregation level for the valuation estimates, and how to pool the

valuation estimates. APV Configurations are stored in files with an “.apv” file extension. The

results derived from an APV Configuration have an “.apvr” file extension. APV files are

typically stored in the Configurations folder, and APV Results files are typically stored in the

Configuration Results folder.

Air Quality Grid. An air quality grid contains air pollution data. BenMAP uses one air quality

grid for the baseline scenario and a second for the control scenario, in order to estimate the

change in the number of adverse health effects between the two scenarios. Air Quality Grids

are stored in files with an “.aqg” file extension. AQG files are typically stored in the Air Quality

Grids folder.



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