1.4 Installing BenMAP

The Installation of BenMAP 4.0 is very simple. Double click the Setup.exe in your installation

directory to bring up the setup wizard. Then follow the setup wizard by clicking 'Next' or 'OK'

to complete the installation.

1.4.1 Upgrading to a new version of BenMAP

Periodically, new versions of BenMAP will be made available and posted to the BenMAP

website: http://www.epa.gov/air/benmap/. The upgrade just requires replacing the executable ("

BenMap 4.0.exe") located in the BenMAP directory, which is typically located at C:\Program

Files\BenMAP 4.0. The executable is a relatively small file, about 8 megabytes, so the upgrade

process is generally very fast.

For upgrades that require replacing or otherwise updating the underlying BenMAP databases,

then it might be necessary to completely uninstall BenMAP and then reinstall BenMAP with a

new installer package. A new installer package can be relatively large, about 400 megabytes for

the U.S. version. Luckily a complete reinstallation is generally not necessary. Simply replacing

the executable or importing new databases (discussed here in the Load Data chapter) is usually

all that is necessary.




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