overview of the model and how it works, and explain some potentially confusing terminology.

Use the rest of the manual to answer any specific questions you may have, or to walk you stepby-

step through the various model functions. Chapter 4 discusses how to enter data into

BenMAP, Chapters 5 through 8 cover each of the four main buttons, and Chapter 9 covers


Each chapter is introduced by a short section which describes what you can find within the

chapter, and provides an outline of the chapter’s contents. This is a good place to go if the Table

of Contents does not provide enough detail for you to find the section you need. The end of

most chapters has a series of “Frequently Asked Questions,” which may also be helpful in

answering specific questions. In sections that provide instructions on navigating the model, the

following conventions are observed: menu items, buttons, and tab and selection box labels are in

bold type; prompts and messages are enclosed in quotation marks; and drop-down menu items,

options to click or check, and items that need to be filled in or selected by the user are italicized.

Throughout the chapters you will also see boxes presenting common mistakes and important

things to remember when working with BenMAP.



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