There are several different ways of calculating the value of the health effect. For example, the

value of an avoided premature mortality is generally calculated using the Value of Statistical Life

(VSL). The value of a statistical life is the monetary value that people are willing to pay to slightly

reduce the risk of premature death. For other health effects, the medical costs of the illness may

be the only valuation data available. The BenMAP database includes several different functions

for VSL and valuation functions for other health effects for you to choose, or you can rely on

EPA’s preloaded selections.

Figure 1-1 summarizes the basic steps in BenMAP. This figure shows the types of choices that

you make regarding the modeling of population exposure, the types of health effects to model,

and how to place an economic value on these health effects. Please note that BenMAP does not

have air modeling capabilities, and instead relies on modeling and monitoring inputs.



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