How does BenMAP estimate human health effects?

First, BenMAP determines the change in ambient air pollution using user-specified air quality

data. Because BenMAP does not include an air quality model, this data must be input into

BenMAP as modeling data or generated from air pollution monitoring data pre-loaded in

BenMAP. Next, BenMAP calculates the relationship between the pollution and certain health

effects (also known as health endpoints). This step is often referred to as the health impact

function or the concentration-response (C-R) function in epidemiology studies. Finally, BenMAP

applies that relationship to the exposed population.

A simplified example is shown below.

Health Effect = Air Quality Change * Health Effect Estimate * Exposed Population * Health

Baseline Incidence

Air Quality Change. The air quality change is the difference between the starting air pollution

level, (i.e., the baseline), and the air pollution level after some change, such as a new regulation

(i.e., the control).

Health Effect Estimate. The health effect estimate is an estimate of the percentage change in an

adverse health effect due to a one unit change in ambient air pollution. Epidemiological studies

provide a good source for effect estimates.

Exposed Population. The exposed population is the number of people affected by the air

pollution reduction. The government census office is a good source for this information. In



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