Advanced users can explore a wide range of options in the custom analysis, such as adding new

health impact and valuation functions, mapping results, and performing sensitivity analyses.

Beginning users can take advantage of EPA’s pre-programmed settings and reports in the onestep


1.1 Overview of BenMAP & Benefits Assessment

The BenMAP program estimates the human health impacts and economic value of air quality

changes; it is principally a tool that characterizes the benefits of changes in air quality policy. That

is — BenMAP relates air quality changes to human health benefits. Such analyses are a critical

component of air quality policy assessments, and a variety of Federal, State and Local air

pollution officials have used BenMAP to inform air quality management decisions.

BenMAP estimates benefits from improvements in human health, such as reductions in premature

mortality, heart attacks, chronic respiratory illnesses, and other adverse health effects. Other

benefits of reducing air pollution (i.e., visibility and ecosystem effects) are not quantified in the

current version of BenMAP. After estimating the reductions in adverse health effects, BenMAP

calculates the monetary benefits associated with those reductions.



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