5.4.2 Urban applications using site-specific meteorological data (01/09/08)


In most cases, site-specific meteorological data used for urban applications should be treated in a

manner similar to NWS data described in Section 5.4.1, regardless of whether the measurement

site is located in a nearby rural or an urban setting. That is, the AERMOD urban option should

be selected and the surface characteristics should be determined based on the recommendations

in Section 3.1. This is due to the fact that the limited surface meteorological measurements

available from the meteorological measurement program will not adequately account for the

meteorological characteristics of the urban boundary layer included in the AERMOD urban

algorithms. However, if the measurement site is located in an urban setting and site-specific

turbulence measurements are available (e.g., σθ or σw), some adjustments to the meteorological

data input to AERMOD may be necessary, as discussed in Section 3.3.



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