defined for Bowen ratio, with a default domain defined by a 10km by 10km region

centered on the measurement site.

An important aspect of determining surface characteristics from digitized land cover data is the

assignment of surface characteristic values for each of the parameters (surface roughness, Bowen

ratio and albedo) to the land cover categories contained in the dataset. Several references are

available to guide those assignments, including Sections 4.7.7 and 5.4 of the AERMET user’s

guide (EPA, 2004a), Garrett (1992), Gifford (1968), Oke (1978), Randerson (1984), and Stull

(1988). Due to the somewhat subjective nature of this process, and the fact that specific land

cover categories may include a wide range of values for some surface characteristics, the

methods and assumptions used to assign surface characteristics based on land cover categories

should be thoroughly documented and justified.


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