These recommendations for determining surface characteristics supersede previous

recommendations and should be followed unless case-by-case justification can be provided for

an alternative method. The recommendations described above are briefly summarized below:

1. The determination of the surface roughness length should be based on an inversedistance

weighted geometric mean for a default upwind distance of 1 kilometer relative to

the measurement site. Surface roughness length may be varied by sector to account for

variations in land cover near the measurement site; however, the sector widths should be

no smaller than 30 degrees.

2. The determination of the Bowen ratio should be based on a simple unweighted

geometric mean (i.e., no direction or distance dependency) for a representative domain,

with a default domain defined by a 10km by 10km region centered on the measurement


3. The determination of the albedo should be based on a simple unweighted arithmetic

mean (i.e., no direction or distance dependency) for the same representative domain as


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