If the proposed meteorological measurement site’s surface characteristics are determined to NOT

be representative of the application site, it may be possible that another nearby meteorological

measurement site may be representative of both meteorological parameters and surface

characteristics. Failing that, it is likely that site-specific meteorological data will be required.

3.1.2 Methods for determining surface characteristics (01/09/08)

Several sources of data may be utilized in determining appropriate surface characteristics for use

in processing meteorological data for AERMOD. This may include printed topographic and land

use, land cover (LULC) maps available from the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS), aerial photos

from web-based services, site visits and/or site photographs, and digitized databases of land use

and land cover data available from USGS. A sound understanding of the important physical

processes represented in the AERMOD model algorithms and the sensitivity of those algorithms

to surface characteristics is needed in order to properly interpret the available data and make an

appropriate determination. The temporal representativeness of the source(s) of land cover data

used relative to the meteorological data period to be processed should be considered as part of

this assessment.


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