3.1.1 Meteorological data representativeness considerations (01/09/08)

When using National Weather Service (NWS) data for AERMOD, data representativeness can

be thought of in terms of constructing realistic planetary boundary layer (PBL) similarity profiles

and adequately characterizing the dispersive capacity of the atmosphere. As such, the

determination of representativeness should include a comparison of the surface characteristics

(i.e., zo, Bo and r) between the NWS measurement site and the source location, coupled with a

determination of the importance of those differences relative to predicted concentrations. Sitespecific

meteorological data are assumed by definition to be representative of the application

site; however, the determination of representativeness of site-specific data for AERMOD

applications should also include an assessment of surface characteristics of the measurement and

source locations and cannot be based solely on proximity. The recommendations presented in

this section for determining surface characteristics for AERMET apply to both site-specific and

non-site-specific (e.g. NWS) meteorological data.


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