2.2 PURPOSE (10/19/07)

This document provides information on the recommended use of AERMOD to address a range

of issues and types of applications. Topics are organized based on implementation issues, with

additional information as appropriate on whether they impact the modules of the AERMOD

modeling system (AERMOD, AERMET, and AERMAP) or related programs (AERSURFACE,

AERSCREEN, and BPIPPRM). The document contains a section which highlights changes

from the previous version. This is located in Section 1 of the document for use as a quick

reference. Each section is also identified with the date (mm/dd/yy) that it was added or last

updated. Only sections with substantive changes or new recommendations are identified with

new revision dates. Revision dates are not updated for sections with only minor edits to clarify

the wording or to correct typographical errors.

The recommendations contained within this document represent the current best use practices as

determined by EPA, through the implementation of AIWG. The document is not intended as a

replacement of, or even a supplement to the Guideline on Air Quality Models (EPA, 2005b).

Rather, it is designed to provide consistent, technically sound recommendations to address

specific issues and concerns relevant to the regulatory application of AERMOD. As always,

advance coordination with the reviewing authorities on the application of AERMOD is

advisable. Modeling protocols should be developed, and agreed upon by all parties, in advance

of any modeling activity.


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