Nordic countries

A group of Nordic modellers has evaluated the utilisation of models to assess air

quality in cities from a Nordic perspective. The evaluation includes an overview of

models for different scales used in the Nordic countries, with the emphasis on

street/road and urban scale models (Larssen et al., 1995).

National work

Some work is being made nationally. Most of it is done in the US. The Royal

Meteorological Society in UK has issued a set of guidelines on the choice and use of

models within atmospheric dispersion (Royal Meteorological Society, 1995). The

Dutch Ministry on Housing, Physical planning and Environment has issued a Dutch

standard on the description of air pollution models (Noordijk, 1992; Dekker and

Sliggers 1992; Dutch standard on Description of air pollution models, 1992).


The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has established a subcommittee

on Meteorology to the Technical Committee on Air quality. The European Committee

for Standardisation (CEN) is not presently dealing with modelling.


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