Three COST actions are directed towards modelling aspect. CITAIR contains a

database, monitoring networks and modelling of urban air pollution. The COST

technical Committee on Meteorology is starting action on harmonisation of

meteorological pre-processors. The COST action F1 is aiming at prediction,

modelling, manipulation and control of complex three-dimensional viscous flows.

Ad-hoc initiative for harmonisation in atmospheric dispersion modelling for

regulatory purposes

A series of workshops have become a meeting place for increased co-operation and

harmonisation of atmospheric dispersion models for regulatory purposes (Cosemans,


1995). A fourth workshop will be held during spring 1996 in Oostende to deal with:

Further experiences with and extension of model validation kits (such as data sets of

SF6 dispersions experiments), model output inter-comparison exercises,

harmonisation in the pre-processing of meteorological data for dispersion models,

regulatory models in specific countries and practical application of atmospheric

transport and dispersion models.


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