There are various harmonisation and normalisation efforts are in progress. A

description of activities is made by (Olesen,1995).

Activities within EC DG XI and DG XII

In the work of DGXI in preparation of a framework directive on air quality and in

some fuel specification studies, the modelling aspect is considered. Two of the

research programmes of the DGXII Framework Programme are related to short-range

modelling. DGXII supported the Model Evaluation Group (MEG) in the evaluation of

technical models used within the major industrial hazard zone. Guidelines for model

developers have been issued (MEG 1994).



Project MA3 "Harmonisation of the use of models" includes co-operation with the

European ad-hoc initiative for harmonisation within atmospheric dispersion modelling

for regulatory purposes. Three sub-projects deal with the use of models:

Project MA3-1 Review requirements on models and model application. The review is

based on Europe’s environment - the Dobris assessment, a questionnaire sent to 38

European countries, and requirements and needs from international organisations (de

Leeuw et al., 1995).


Project MA3-2 Report on state of the art: needs and trends. The report by

Moussiopoulos et al. (1995) contains state of the art for models on various scales:

global, regional-to-continental, local-to-regional and local. Quality assurance of

models and trends in air pollution modelling.

Project MA3-3 Establish documentation centre and tool-kits for testing relevant

models. The first reports from the sub-project are scheduled to 1996.

Project MA3-4 Report on guidance in selected zones and in application of models.

The first reports are scheduled to 1996.


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