It may be possible to estimate NO2 effects on Vegetation from the mapping of

exceedances of critical levels. The estimation of ecosystems damage due to oxidised

nitrogen deposition may be possible from the exceedance of critical loads. However,

the effects of NOx deposition must be dealt with in relation to the deposition of NOx

and sulphur, and the relevant costs may be difficult to estimate. The value of cultural

heritage and ecosystems is not easily defined with traditional economic methods.

The present ambient air concentrations exceed the recommended limit values in many

parts of the EU and large reductions may be necessary in some areas, if every location

is to comply with these values. Other areas within the EU either comply with the limit

values, or the exceedances are small.

A preliminary list of effects, suggested by the Working Group, for which cost-benefits

estimates should estimated is shown in table 4.4.


n151 - n152 - n153 - n154 - n155 - n156 - n157 - n158 - n159 - n160 - n161 - n162 - n163 - n164 - n165 - n166 - n167 - n168 - n169 - n170 - n171 - n172 - n173 - n174 - n175 - n176 - n177 - n178 - n179 - n180 - n181 - n182 - n183 - n184 - n185 - n186 - n187 - n188 - n189 - n190 - n191 - n192 - n193 - n194 - n195 - n196 - n197 - n198 - n199 - n200


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