Road traffic the main contributor to the NOx-emission in Europe. For large Auto-Oil

Programme, has been carried out as a co-operation between the European, and the

Commission European Motor and Oil Industry.

The aims of the study were:

· To quantify further reductions in road traffic emissions which may be needed to

achieve agreed air quality objectives.

· To identify sets of measures - including improvements in fuel/vehicle technologies

as well as other measures such as inspection and maintenance programmes, traffic

control - that can achieve such reductions.

· To evaluate them from a cost/effectiveness point of view and to search for the most

cost-effective proposals.

The results of the programme confirm that both fuels and engine technologies are

important determinants of motor vehicle emissions. Relationships between fuel

properties, engine technology and exhaust emissions exist. Based on fuel parameters

and vehicle technology studies the programme was able to quantify these relationships

in tables and equations to be used as input for air quality and cost optimisation



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