The NED elevation data are currently available for the conterminous United States, Hawaii,

Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands at a horizontal resolution of 1 arc-second (approximately 30

meters), and at a resolution of 2 arc-seconds for Alaska. Higher resolution NED elevation data


AERMOD Implementation Guide March 19, 2009

at 1/3rd arc-second (about 10 meters) are available for most areas outside of Alaska, and even

1/9th arc-second data (about 3 meters) are available for some areas. These higher resolution data

may become more widely available in the future. The appropriate horizontal resolution for the

input terrain data and receptor network should be determined in consultation with the reviewing

authority based on the specific needs of the project. Higher resolutions for both the terrain data

and receptor network may be necessary in areas with significant terrain relief than for areas with

relatively flat terrain. While acceptable, using the highest resolution elevation data available for

determining receptor elevations and hill height scales may not always be justified. Since spatial

coverage of terrain data for some resolutions may not be complete, it is also worth noting that

use of a single resolution across the domain has advantages, and AERMAP places some

restrictions on the order of DEM or NED file inputs when mixed resolution data are used.


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