There are a number of possibilities to achieved reduced NO2 concentrations; many

different actions such as legislation on emission reductions of NOx, initiatives for a

complete change of infrastructure and behaviour of the society. These actions can be

taken on different scales from the EU level over national decisions to local initiatives.

Table 4.2 contains actions suggested by the Working Group. The table is not

complete, other actions may also be relevant .


The emission of NOx and other pollutants important for the formation of NO2 can be

reduced by energy saving, reduction of activities, alternative fuels, improved

combustion technology, scrubbers, catalysts etc. They include technical as well as

non-technical measures. The most cost-effective reductions are often obtained by a

combination of the different methods. The abatement strategy should be decided on an

overall evaluation of the cost for a certain reduction leading to decreased NO2

concentration. In addition, these considerations should be co-ordinated with other

measures taken for the reduction of other pollutants. The following are examples on

relevant considerations in connection with emission reductions.


n151 - n152 - n153 - n154 - n155 - n156 - n157 - n158 - n159 - n160 - n161 - n162 - n163 - n164 - n165 - n166 - n167 - n168 - n169 - n170 - n171 - n172 - n173 - n174 - n175 - n176 - n177 - n178 - n179 - n180 - n181 - n182 - n183 - n184 - n185 - n186 - n187 - n188 - n189 - n190 - n191 - n192 - n193 - n194 - n195 - n196 - n197 - n198 - n199 - n200


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