In addition, for comparison with earlier measurements, the data shall be reported in

accordance with the old NO2-directive, i.e. the 98-percentile and the median of one

hour averages for all monitoring stations.


All information on air quality shall be available to the public and mass media. As

means to involve the public in the efforts to fulfil the aims of the FWD, responsible

authorities shall actively and regularly disseminate information on the air quality.

Appropriate ways can include e.g. summarising papers but also day-by-day reports in

newspapers, local radio and television or continuos screens presentations at public

locations etc. To improve the understanding and concern for air quality the

development of simple methods for school children, citizen groups etc. to study and

monitor the situation shall be encouraged (Nilsson, 1995).

The first stage of air quality management is a complete view of existing air quality.

The Member States should evaluate and interpret the data, to understand the

connection between sources and pollution patterns in time and space. Models - for

single sources, for example point sources and traffic exhausts - and multi-source

models - for large areas, urban or other - as well as indicative measurements are

valuable tools in this process. The zone of exceedance is a key quantity to be assessed.

The models to be used for assessment of the air quality can also be used for planning,

i.e. calculations on different emission scenarios. These could be used for selection of

different measures to be taken for improvement of the air quality and for assessments

of the effects of already taken actions. In addition, they can be used for prognoses for

the air quality based on meteorological forecasts.

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