The monitoring data from the network have to be transmitted in accordance with the

FWD, Article 4 (1) and the data will be published in accordance with Article 4 (2).

The Directive also states that air quality shall be evaluated for the total zone of the

Member State in accordance with Article 6. The quality and spatial representativity of

monitoring sites and data should be reported. Good documentation of monitoring

procedures and sites are necessary.

The three different types of monitoring stations are representative for different zones.

The rural background stations with long averaging time are representative for large

zones and it is possible to report any exceedances for large areas, typically several

hundreds of square kilometres.

The urban background stations are representative for parts of the urban zone. The

zone of representativity can be estimated by model calculations or indicative

measurements by diffusive sampling. The data shall be reported with a defined zone

of expected exceedances.

The urban traffic stations in the street environment are representative for the site of the

street, but the measured data can be generalised to the entire street by street pollution

models. In other streets the concentrations of NO2 can be estimated by street models

based on traffic data, meteorological data and the street geometry. The data should if

possible be generalised and could be reported for the entire urban zone as km of street

with exceedances. It is not possible in this working group to work out in detail the

models to be used for this purpose, but it is recommended to establish a small expert

group in co-operation with the Topic Centre, for preparation of a detailed operational

street pollution model based on the existing street models.


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