The Commission must organise EU wide inter-laboratory comparison exercises

(round robin tests, inter-laboratory exercises, spot checks in the monitoring networks)

to ensure comparability of measurements at international level. The QA/QC of

measurements must contain audits including control of the operation of monitoring

equipment at the sites, maintenance and calibration in the laboratories and data


Operational control must be in accordance with the above manuals and guide books. It

is especially useful for NO2, to have data on O3 and NO available, see chapter 1.3. A

plot of NO2 versus NOx concentrations will detect elementary errors in the

measurements. The sum of NO2 and O3 (defined as Ox) will be relatively constant in a

larger area (Palmgren et al, 1995).


Harmonisation and QA/QC of the application of models are being carried out under

projects managed by the European Topic Centre on Air Quality. The tasks are to

collect and review information on the requirements of EEA for air pollution models

and model applications and provide guidance for selection and consistent application

of validated models. See further in the Van Aalst et al. (1997)


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