QA/QC procedures examples are described in WHO UNEP GEMS/AIR

Methodology Review Handbook Series, Volume 1, "Quality Assurance in Urban Air

Quality Monitoring" and in the EC "Instruction Manual for Air Pollution Monitoring:

Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring".

Currently, QA/QC programmes only exist in a few monitoring networks of the EU

Member States and with a variable degree of efficiency, as demonstrated by the recent

field intercomparison organised by ERLAP in 36 network stations.

The variable quality of the existing laboratories, as well as the increase in numbers

expected as a consequence of the implementation of the FWD, and the need for

consistency across the network suggests the establishment of a laboratory

accreditation process.

Different QA/QC systems have been developed in recent years such as the Good

Laboratory Practice (OECD), the ISO 9000 and the EN 45000 laboratory accreditation

procedures. The EN45001 procedure was developed by CEN in collaboration with the

Commission and is best adopted for testing laboratories in the field of air pollution

measurements. Laboratories asking for accreditation are audited by a national or

international accreditation organisation. This audit mainly concerns aspects such as

laboratory installations and equipment, qualification and training of personal, proper

quality control, technical audit and traceability of the measurements. The requirement

for laboratory accreditation is the only enforceable way to ensure an effective QA/QC


As validation of the European Network measurement methods and instrument

certification is essential, the development of standard CEN procedures is necessary.



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