To support air quality assessment in the Member States, the Commission asked the

EEA and the Joint Research Centre European Reference Laboratory on Air Pollution

(JRC-ERLAP) to develop a Guidance Document (van Aalst et al. 1997) linked to the


The FWD defines zones as part of a Member State territory, to be defined by the

Member State, and agglomerations as zones with a population of more than 250,000

inhabitants or with sufficiently high population density to justify separate air quality

assessment and management. This Guidance Document provides criteria, procedures

and methodology for four assessment cases:

1. Preliminary assessments

According to the FWD article 5, Member States, who do not have representative

measurements of the level of pollutants for all zones and agglomerations, shall

undertake series of representative measurements, surveys or assessments, in order to

have data available in time for implementation of the daughter Directives.

2. Assessments supporting further station siting optimisation of (mandatory)


For implementation of the daughter Directives, it is essential to devise a system in

which a relatively limited number of monitoring stations, supported by other

assessment techniques, can be sited to represent air quality reliably throughout a

Member State.

3. Assessments supporting generalisation of (mandatory) measurements

In zones where concentrations show many potential areas of exceedance, for instance

in busy streets in an agglomeration, stations at one location could represent similar

locations elsewhere. This is referred to as generalisation.


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