The overall number of monitoring stations established will depend on:

· ambient concentrations, in relation to limit values

· the population likely to be exposed to such concentrations

· the scale and extent of environmental effects

· the spatial variability of NO2

The number of stations will depend on the size of the urban area, but at least one of

each type of station should be selected in zones where the ambient air quality must be

assessed in accordance with FWD Art. 6. The Working Group has proposed the

number of stations required based mainly on experience from existing networks.

When no other assessments are applied, the number of stations recommended Ni can

be determined as:

Urban background : Ni = 2 + ( I * 0.4 )½

Local: Ni = 1 + (I * 8)½;

where I is the number of inhabitants (in millions) in the agglomeration.

The minimum number of stations (N0) can be chosen, if supplementary selected

assessment (e.g. models, campaigns etc.) are used to increase information about the air



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