visibility and acid deposition assessments, much more postprocessing will be required.

MESOFILE is configured such that only one pollutant can be processed at a time. Thus, the

user must either run a large number of small post-processing jobs for each MESOPUFF II

simulation, or set up a file that will execute all desired MESOFILE runs in the appropriate

order. A test case example would be helpful in demonstrating how such a file could be set up,

and illustrating some of the additional features of MESOFILE.

We recommended that the test case postprocessing files be expanded to provide, at a

minimum, 24-hour average concentrations and deposition rates for all five species. It might

be desirable to calculate cumulative total (wet plus dry) deposition for total sulfur and total

nitrogen. These calculations can be accomplished with the existing MESOFILE system. In

order to calculate visibility parameters such as extinction, additional software development

would be needed. Therefore it does not appear feasible at this time to expand the postprocessing

test case to include extinction calculations.


Three recommended tasks were identified:

(1) Correct and expand the instructions for running the test case in README.TXT.

(2) Expand the test case post-processing files.

(3) Modify the PUFF.INP file to correct the format errors in CO3B and CTNH3, and

modify the CHEMTF code to correct the CANH3 calculation.

The first task was implemented to correct and expand the instructions for running the test

case. The README.TXT was updated, including editing the few typographical errors, and

adding more detailed disk space information.

The second task, development of new post-processing software, was not included in the

revised SCRAM BBS example files because sufficient documentation on the postprocessing

program (MESOFILE), contained in the 1993 MESOPUFF II User's Guide, was not yet

available on the SCRAM. However, for the distance versus impact analysis (see section 4 of

this report), a post-processing procedure using MESOFILE was developed and applied.

The third task was approved and implemented. The SCRAM BBS files were revised to reflect

the changes to PUFF.INP and the CHEMTF subroutine.



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