The next paragraph discusses disk space and memory requirements. We recommended that a

statement be added that an 8087 math coprocessor or equivalent capability is required to run

the model. Also, the total disk space required (12.65 MB) should be included. The disk space

required for each of the unzipped files is listed, but the total disk space needed is larger, since

the zipped and unzipped files must co-exist for at least a short time. It should be stated that an

additional 2.57 MB are required to execute the test case, bringing the total disk space

requirement to 15.22 MB.

The next section discusses documentation for the model and its application. The 1984 version

of the User's Guide is cited, rather than the revised 1993 User's Guide. Since several changes

have been made in the model and associated processors since 1984, we recommended that the

1993 Revised User's Guide be cited, and perhaps even included in the documentation

available from SCRAM. (Key sections of the 1993 Revised User's Guide will be made

available by EPA in the near future.)

The following sections describe how to execute the test case. A typographical error was

found in the description of step 4, where it states that the user should type "MESOPAC" to run

the model, rather than "MESOPUFF". Also, in that section it states that three output files are

created, when actually four output files are created. The missing file is PUFF.LST. It might

also be helpful to indicate that all output files with the .DAT extension are binary files,

whereas those with .LST extensions are ASCII text files.

In step 6, the instructions for executing the MESOFILE post-processor are not provided. A

line should be added stating that the user should type "FILE" to run the post-processor. If the

user types "MESOFILE" rather than "FILE", an error message will result.

Error in Input File PUFF.INP

This file contains all non-meteorological parameters needed to run MESOPUFF II, including

modeling domain definition, number of pollutants, and source and receptor information. Line

14 of this file contains chemistry parameters, including the background ozone concentration

(CO3B) and the background ammonia concentration (CTNH3). For the test case, the value of

CO3B is set to 80 ppb and the value of CTNH3 is set to 10 ppb. These are the default values

specified for these parameters (Scire et al., 1984). However, these values were read by

MESOPUFF II as 8.0 ppb and 1.0 ppb, respectively, because the decimal point was omitted in

the input file. The values read by the model are echoed to the output file, PUFF.LST, which

provided confirmation of the error.

The background O value is not critical in the test case because hourly ozone values are 3

provided. However, the background value is used to fill in for missing hourly data. The error

in CO3B should be corrected because users are likely to copy the test case input file for use in

other applications and may believe that they are using a value of 80 ppb rather than 8 ppb.



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